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The game is over. Thank you for playing!

There have been multiple data breaches! Files have gone missing all over the globe. Stolen. Through advanced surveillance and tracking we have traced the culprit. But there is more than one mysterious figure operating in the shadows. One strikes at dawn, the other strikes at dusk. Rivals after the same files. They are Agent Dawn and Agent Dusk!

Be the first to find a stolen file suitcase and re-unite it with your very own awesome Agent 2020 geocoin (designed by Trevor Van Meter). As a new game feature there will be both Agent Dawn and Agent Dusk tags to find. Hiders of one can be finders of the other.

Put this page under constant surveillance! The stolen file suitcases may appear at any time and in any place. Join our Facebook Group for updates and follow the game on Instagram and Twitter. Hiders have until Dec. 31 to hide their tags.

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Redemption rules: One of each coin type per household; shipping charges apply. As a premium redemption feature finders can opt to add a Agent 2020 Suitcase to their order (very limited, while supplies last, they are $10 USD + shipping) Once you find a tag, claim it using the code on the back.

You must redeem your coin by January 31st, 2021. No redemptions after that time.