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There have been multiple data breaches! Files have gone missing all over the globe. Stolen. Through advanced surveillance and tracking we have traced the culprit. But there is more than one mysterious figure operating in the shadows. One strikes at dawn, the other strikes at dusk. Rivals after the same files. They are Agent Dawn and Agent Dusk!

Be the first to find a stolen file suitcase and re-unite it with your very own awesome Agent 2020 geocoin (designed by Trevor Van Meter). As a new game feature there will be both Agent Dawn and Agent Dusk tags to find. Hiders of one can be finders of the other.

Put this page under constant surveillance! The stolen file suitcases may appear at any time and in any place. Join our Facebook Group for updates and follow the game on Instagram and Twitter.

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Redemption rules: One of each coin type per household; shipping charges apply. As a premium redemption feature finders can opt to add a Agent 2020 Suitcase to their order (very limited, while supplies last, they are $10 USD + shipping) Once you find a tag, claim it using the code on the back.

You must redeem your coin by December 31st, 2020. No redemptions after that time.

Agent Dawn: Claimed (7) Available (3)
Agent Dusk: Claimed (5) Available (6)

Recent Actions

cron publish 39 minutes 45 seconds ago Agent Dawn: 272 - Agent Dawn Tallmadge (aka John Bolton) - Montauk Light House

Lighthouse Road, Montauk, NY, US location_on N 41 04.286, W 071 51.398 local_parking N 41 04.316, W 071 51.554

This is Agent Dawn Tallmadge. Descendent of Major Benjamin Tallmadge - American military officer, spymaster and politician. Major Benjamin Tallmadge was the local leader of the Culper Spy Ring during the Revolutionary War. Using codename John Bolton, Tallmadge was the spy rings’ contact while Tallmadge reported directly to George Washington who directed its operations. The group’s task was to provide Washington information on the movement of the British Army and its headquarters in New York City. The Culper spies operated mostly in New York City, Long Island, and Connecticut, beginning in late October 1778 until the British evacuation of New York in 1783.

No doubt Agent Dawn Tallmadge is at the Montauk Light House to research the HMS Culloden - a 74-gun third-rate British Navy ship. The ship's specific duties were to blockade the French at Newport, Rhode Island where a French army of 6,000 had disembarked in July 1780. Information supplied by the Culper Spy Ring included details of a surprise attack on the newly arrived French forces. On January 23, 1781, while trying to intercept French ships attempting to run the blockade, HMS Culloden encountered severe weather and ran aground nearby. The area is today known as Culloden Point.

Agent Dawn Tallmadge is hidden in a pill bottle in the shadow of the Montauk Light House.

PetjadesEmpordaneses check_circle 4 hours 37 minutes ago Agent Dawn: 113 - Parque de las aguas

Carrer de d'Espolla, Figueres, CT, ES

This morning after breakfast walking around with my dog by doing a litle search I found this tiny tag!! Very interesting game. Many thanks! check_circle 4 hours 59 minutes ago Agent Dawn: 118 - Boom

Nijverdalsebergweg, Haarle, Overste, NL

Een van de voordelen van vroeg wakker worden omdat je naar de wc moet is dat je ook heel vroeg op pad kan om iets te zoeken 😉

cron publish 6 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dawn: 118 - Boom

Nijverdalsebergweg, Haarle, Overste, NL

Een tag zomaar op een mooie plek want 007 wandelt ook wel eens voor de lol.

[tag hider] description 7 hours 26 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 906 - Olympic Hwy Dead Drop

Olympic Hwy, Port Angeles, WA, US

Given the remoteness of the location, a two hour claim time is very respectable. Congratulations!

z.p.jones check_circle 7 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 906 - Olympic Hwy Dead Drop

Olympic Hwy, Port Angeles, WA, US

Saw this dead drop and immediately left to get it. Got here just after dusk, and quickly found the documents.

cron publish 9 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 876 - CRASH LANDING PAST DUSK

Pacific NW Trail, Sequim, WA, US location_on N 47 51.263, W 123 05.312 local_parking N 47 53.174, W 123 05.495

You will not have signal once you reach the parking coords please bring a gps or download offline maps prior to attempting this find, a geocache hidden here would be rated as a D5 T4 easily

All who attempt this find do so at their own risk and while not hard you should plan ahead and think about the steps it will take to accommodate finding this tag

DO NOT just run out to this site and attempt to find on a whim please take a few seconds and pack essentials and prepare your maps

Prior to reading on, the following story is all true historical facts except for sentences surrounded by quotations which may contain vital information

B-17 Down

January 1952, a search-and-rescue B-17 was returning to McChord Air Force Base after assisting with a rescue mission in Canadian waters. Flying in blizzard-like conditions, the crew of eight was passing over the Olympic Mountains when their jumbo plane clipped a ridge and skidded down a steep, snowy slope. "Aboard the plane included a once renowned secret agent Codenamed Agent Dusk"

Three of the eight crew members were killed in the crash, and the survivors came to rest in a high mountain valley. They built emergency shelters until they were airlifted out the following day."Sadly they had failed to notice Agent Dusk trapped beneath one of the wings in the wreckage, pinned and unable to call out for help he was assumed KIA."

For more than six decades, wreckage of that plane has survived "some say you can still find Agent Dusks belongings beneath the wing of the plane amongst all the wreckage as he always did keep his briefcase close in hand."

Getting There

Driving toward Sequim on Highway 101 from the Hood Canal area, go 1.5 miles past the 7 Cedars Casino at Blyn and turn left on Louella Road. In .9 miles, turn left on Palo Alto Road. Drive to the Y and take the right fork to Forest Service Road 2880. From here it’s 14 miles on unpaved roads. Stay on 2880 and follow signs past Dungeness Forks Campground and Dungeness Area Trails using FS Roads 2880, 2870 and 2860 to the Tubal Cain trailhead. No pass or permit required to park.

The Hike

The journey to the crash site quickly enters the Olympic National Forest’s Buckhorn Wilderness. It’s a hike of 3.2 miles on easy, well-maintained trail. The B-17 is found on a side trail called Tull Canyon.

Serenity and Devastation

The next .6-mile is very steep, but as you crest the hill, you enter an area that resembles a Zen garden, with a babbling stream cutting a path through vivid undergrowth. A glimmer of metal catches your eye, and moments later you’re standing before the remains of a huge airplane engine.

Other Local bonuses

Sign the Cache Landing Log Hidden near by as well GCGMYK

Find the Letterbox with the B-17 crash landing stamp as well.

Peek underground After leaving the crash site and rejoining the main trail, walk another half-mile to see the relics of the Tubal Cain Mine: old pipes and unrecognizable mining equipment near the campground.

A great hillside of mine tailings points the way to the main shaft. As you scramble up, you can see evidence of the purple manganese rock and greenish copper ore that miners were seeking in the early 1900s.

The cavern appears suddenly at a crest. A stream exits from the opening, adding to the forsaken feeling of the site. The mine is still privately owned and unsafe for exploration, but the tunnel is reputed to extend nearly 3,000 feet into the mountain.

Just sitting at the entrance knowing how deep it travels, feeling the cool breeze and smelling the hint of heavy metals from inside is enough to send shivers down your spine. Just in time for Halloween.

Tag Placement

The tag is hidden within a small jar as pictured below covered in camo tape to keep from wandering muggles. If you have a hard time with the clues given above and still can't find the tag/jar look at the pictures and try to place yourself where i was standing when I took those pictures, one in particular should place your left foot less than a foot from the hiding spot. Good luck and be sure to take the camo jar with you as to not leave trash behind. If you have signal by any chance and need more help before or after the fact you may text/call me at 5208952549.

cron publish 9 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 906 - Olympic Hwy Dead Drop

Olympic Hwy, Port Angeles, WA, US

Attention Agents,

Agent Dusk has visited this remote pullout with a scenic view and left some important documents that need urgent retrieval. Please consult the second image for the location specifics.

Best of luck, agents!

Team_Red_J check_circle 11 hours 7 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 577 - Springwoods Village Ninja

Morning Dove Bend Ln, Klein, TX, US

FOUND @ 6:20 PM. We were in the middle of grilling steaks and had 3 min left, so Mr.TRJ cat geomobule ready and I took them off 30 sec early. Got to parking and there was another vehicle there, so we ran until we saw a couple walking after passing them up, we started running again. Got to GZ and made the find!!!!

littleblkdog check_circle 11 hours 36 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 582 - The Trail to Fort Meade

Guilford Rd, Kings Contrivance, Columbia, MD, US

I was sitting down for dinner when I saw the notification so I had to hold off for about 30 minutes. Once I was done I convinced the family to hop in the car and give it a try. First place I looked and then I rehid it for my wife to give it a try. She guessed right the first time too! Thanks for the neat tag, the tag and the mission works for me!

cron publish 11 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 577 - Springwoods Village Ninja

Morning Dove Bend Ln, Klein, TX, US

There is a Dusk Ninja hiding nearby waiting to sneak into the mega campus. Will you catch and stop him in time?

Hint: no need to enter the tree line. A rock at the base is what you seek.

cron publish 11 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 479 - AGENT MIDNIGHT

E Willow St, Lafayette, LA, US location_on N 30 14.623, W 092 00.459

Agent Midnight, a retired officer of the law, was spotted hanging out in a secluded urban "forest". Rumor has it that he has gone rogue! Our intel says he was carrying a suspicious box and a tiny briefcase with unknown contents. It is believed that he was originally assigned to protect the assets in the building next door, but, as he developed an addiction back on his street patrol days, he may be trying to steal the secret recipe!! A classic case of good-cop-gone-bad!! Your mission, should you choose to accept: If you see this DUSK agent, grab him quickly, as he's likely to put up a fight! Retain all possesions for yourself as a reward for his capture. Let us know as soon as the mission is complete! This agent seems unaware of the social protocols in these "unprecedented times", as he is only wearing a mask over his eyes!!! Where has he been? Under a rock???? HINT: If you're at the highest point, back up and look down for the tiny agent's lair. This message will self destruct.

cron publish 11 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 544 - Schwinn and a Pint

River St, River Falls, WI, US location_on N 44 51.750, W 092 37.529

Agent Dusk likes to take a break from sleuthing once in a while and his favorite stop for refreshments is along the Kinnickinnic River.

cron publish 11 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 543 - The Case of the Missing Brick

S Main St, River Falls, WI, US location_on N 44 51.462, W 092 37.578

Agent Dusk is looking for clues as to who stole the brick from the wall. What is behind this tragic absence one might never know unless they take the time to look.

cron publish 12 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 582 - The Trail to Fort Meade

Guilford Rd, Kings Contrivance, Columbia, MD, US

Agent D was on his way to Fort Meade via secret trail when he felt he was being followed. Agent D casually stopped and acted like he was enjoying the scenery then quickly ditch the top secret files he was carrying. No one has been able to locate these files or Agent D for many years...if you can find these files well then who knows what's in store for you!

cron publish 16 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dawn: 160 - Agent Letterbox

Nicholas Dr, Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ location_on S 43 31.522, E 172 41.252

Agent your case is lost and needs to be found. I believe it is near a letterbox. To get the case use the hints in the photos

Thefox check_circle 17 hours 21 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 414

Zwolle, Overste, NL

Nice location. I would go here next time to walk around in this beautiful park. Thx for the snag

cron publish 17 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 444 - Bat cave

Bathford, England, GB location_on N 51 23.708, W 002 17.837

The sun was setting over Bath and Dusk was arriving quickly.....agent Dusk. She had a rendezvous with Ev1l agent 81 to exchange information on the latest mission. They met at a prominent skyline feature a tower above Bathford, from there, they made their way through the darkening woods to the Bat cave. There was due to be an exchange of documents here but she felt uneasy...something wasn't quite right. ...maybe it was another agent....a Dawn agent in hiding? So she left a tracking tag at the entrance to ensure a speedy rescue should she not make it out again. Check the top right hand corner of the security gate for the tag under a stone.

Pathfinder33 check_circle 17 hours 46 minutes ago Agent Dawn: 260 - Tunnel of Doom

W 400 N, Washington, UT, US

This was an amazing find. I was cooking breakfast when my buddy Dave messaged me about this coin. I rushed over to find the coin and share my experience on my Periscope channel. I do a very similar thing on my instagram page (@3charleswatkins) where I hide my personal tags around the country and you have to solve a puzzle to find them. Thanks for hiding a tag close to me, while in town for work!!

teamreddog check_circle 18 hours 13 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 405 - First assignment

Västerås, Västmanland County, SE


Feels a bit sneaky to be out looking at dead drops!

cron publish 18 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 414

Zwolle, Overste, NL

Op deze brug vonden jaren lang uitwisselingen van gevangenen plaats tussen de verschillende mogendheden . Laatste uitwisseling vond plaats oktober 2020.

cron publish 18 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 405 - First assignment

Västerås, Västmanland County, SE

Your first assignment is here. Go to the dead drop and recieve further instructions.

cron publish 18 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dusk: 446 - Agent Dusk

Alf Bjerckes vei, Oslo, NO location_on N 59 55.843, E 010 49.993

Her er vi ved et av Norges største vaktselskap sitt HQ. Se opp for agenter! Tagen er gjemt inni hjørnet av fenderen bak parkering forbudt skiltet.

cron publish 22 hours 39 minutes ago Agent Dawn: 260 - Tunnel of Doom

W 400 N, Washington, UT, US

Near a new park in Washington City with a pedestrian tunnel that goes under I-15.

Coordinates might be a bit off due to being under the freeway. Good luck finding the tag.

Tucked up under the third light in the tunnel.

dmlookhere check_circle 23 hours 43 minutes ago Agent Dawn: 265 - Agent in the park

Bonnie Dr, Simcoe, ON, CA

Up early this morning and got the message from the agent to meet in the park. Off I went did not want to keep them waiting. The park was completely empty save myself and the agent. The case was passed to me quickly and off we went in different directions.

cron publish 1 day 39 minutes ago Agent Dawn: 265 - Agent in the park

Bonnie Dr, Simcoe, ON, CA

You will have to be stealthy to meet up with Agent Dawn in the park he request you meet him under the flower of Ontario You are looking for a special brief case and will need a special tool to extract whats inside

Mrvon check_circle 1 day 3 hours ago Agent Dawn: 167 - Agent Oluf

Rv41, Kråkebumoen, Agder, NO

Dette var en artig opplevelse.... i total uvisshet om dette var utbredt og i uvisshet om 3 timer holdt heiv jeg meg i bilen på morgenkvisten!

Takk for Taggen, dette kan bli artig etterhvert;)

the maverics check_circle 1 day 3 hours ago Agent Dawn: 145 - Agents Light house look out

Overstrand Rd, Cromer, England, GB

Alarm came through this morning early, Awoken by the buzz after a late night playing baccarrat with some junior agent 007, Left with his money and his lady and no cocktail for me a proper Ale in hand. Headed off from the comfort of my companion and set off up the hill, through the woods and I could here the wind gently blowing through the air, as I approached the bottom of the second hill I could hear the sea , up I climb when at the top I stopped and then heard a rustling and circled round behind him as he lay there resting I gave him a sedative and callled hq, claiming his bag to return to owners. Thanks for the experience. Loved the early walk and find.

cron publish 1 day 5 hours ago Agent Dawn: 145 - Agents Light house look out

Overstrand Rd, Cromer, England, GB

There has been a lighthouse on the cliff top at Foulness, east of the town of Cromer since 1669. Before this time a light was shone from the top of Cromer parish church to act as a guide to passing shipping. Although this light was small it had always been useful, as had many similar ecclesiastical lights that were dotted around the coastline of Great Britain from medieval times.

Now it appears to have attracted some other attention worth investigating.

An Agent was seen landing here early this morning before ducking into these bushes.... Looks like he left something behind!.....

Heracross check_circle 1 day 6 hours ago Agent Dawn: 125

Strandlaan, Naarden, NH, NL

Al weken zit ik er op te wachten en vanochtend dan eindelijk de notificatie (ik was toevallig wakker). De eerste dawn. Hmm...redelijk in de buurt, dus even kijken naar de listing. Agh..een puzzel, da is nieuw bij snag the tag. Gelukkig vlot opgelost en dan snel in de auto naar GZ. Ter plekke even speuren en dan herinner ik me dat er soms een spoilerfoto bij zit, in dit geval ook en dan is het snel gepiept.

Erg leuk weer, ik kijk al uit naar de "andere helft"en ik zit klaar voor Agent Dusk.

obarshay publish 1 day 6 hours ago Agent Dawn: 156 - Agent 028 @ Schluchsee Staumauer

Eisenbreche, Schluchsee, BW, DE location_on N 47 47.972, E 008 11.042 local_parking N 47 47.957, E 008 10.994

Agenten und Staumauern, dass gab es schon in der Filmgeschichte.

Du findest den Koffer an der Staumauer vom Schluchsee. Doch sein vorsichtig. Nicht springen!

Die Staumauer hat eine Höhe von 35 Meter über der Talsohle und 63,5 Meter über der Grundsohle, mit einer Länge von 250 Metern.

Der Schluchsee im Naturpark Südschwarzwald hat ein Stauziel von 930 m ü. NN und ist damit der höchstgelegene Talsperrensee Deutschlands. Der Schluchsee war ursprünglich ein Gletschersee des Feldberg-Gletschers, dessen Spiegel rund 30 Meter unter dem des heutigen Sees lag, der erst durch Anstauung der Schwarza entstand. Dieser ist heute in Richtung Nordwest – Südost 7,3 Kilometer lang und 1,4 Kilometer breit, die tiefste Stelle auf dem Grund liegt 61 Meter unter der Seeoberfläche.

Agents and dams have existed in film history.

You can find the suitcase by the Schluchsee dam. But be careful. Do not jump!

The dam has a height of 35 meters above the valley floor and 63.5 meters above the base floor,with a length of 250 meters.

The Schluchsee in the Southern Black Forest Nature Park has a storage target of 930 m above sea level NN, making it the highest reservoir in Germany. The Schluchsee was originally a glacial lake of the Feldberg Glacier, the level of which was around 30 meters below that of today's lake, which was only created by the damming of the Schwarza. Today it is 7.3 kilometers long and 1.4 kilometers wide in the northwest - southeast direction, the deepest point on the bottom is 61 meters below the lake surface.

cron publish 1 day 6 hours ago Agent Dawn: 125

Strandlaan, Naarden, NH, NL

LET OP : De Tag ligt niet op het 'tag-coördinaat'. Het is aan jouw om je agent-skills te gebruiken om te ontdekken waar de de Tag verstopt ligt.

Het enige dat we weten is dat de Tag in een straal van 10km rondom het tag-coördinaat verstopt is

Van 20 September t/m 31 December is het tijd om de geheim agenten te ontmaskeren.

Gedurende deze periode worden er een aantal 'Tags' in Nederland en mogelijk ergens anders verstopt en op willekeurige momenten gepubliceerd.

GC8ZCNK is het event waar de vinders van een aantal Snag The tag Tags hun bijbehorende Agent geocoin op 2 januari 2021 uitgereikt zullen krijgen.

LET OP : je kan slechts 1 Agent Dusk en 1 Agent Dawn per huishouden verzilveren!

Alle geocachers zijn welkom, ook als je geen tag hebt gevonden. Iedereen kan hier lekker kletsen met andere geocachers en uiteraard kun je de winnaars van de coins feliciteren.

Parkeren kan je op het parkeercoördinaat.

Neem even een schaar of mesje mee, om de tag los mee te maken.

cron publish 1 day 6 hours ago Agent Dawn: 113 - Parque de las aguas

Carrer de d'Espolla, Figueres, CT, ES

A quiet park where a secret agent can take his dog ...for a walk. Search discreetly ...and Good Luck!

cron publish 1 day 6 hours ago Agent Dawn: 167 - Agent Oluf

Rv41, Kråkebumoen, Agder, NO

In this area, Norwegian Resistance member and M16 agent Oluf Reed-Olsen was active during the Second World War. He performed intelligence radio broadcasts from this district and elsewhere. He chronicled his war experiences in the books Contact (1946) and Vi kommer igjen (1953), (published in English as Two Eggs On My Plate).The first book was made into the motion picture Kontakt in 1956, with Reed-Olsen contributing as a screenwriter and actor.

You can find tag close to information board, one meter from it.

If you go lower you can see the waterfall called Bufossen.

[tag hider] description 1 week 4 days ago Agent Dawn: 059 - Hider Tag

Great coin for a great game.

[tag hider] description 1 week 6 days ago Agent Dawn: 099 - Hider Tag

Agent Dawn reporting in!

[tag hider] description 1 week 6 days ago Agent Dusk: 398 - Hider Tag

Agent Dusk reporting for duty!