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Agent Dawn: 143

Grande Rue, Essey, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, FR location_on N 47 13.178, E 004 38.366

A special Agent Dawn was spotted on a secret mission at Châteauneuf, one of the most beautiful villages of France, in the medieval bourg that surrounds the castle ! Some say that he's been investigating on a religious caste dealing with the old Burgundy kings, some say that he's been resting from a previous mission... who knows really why he's been hiding under the stones but it has definitely something to do with the Order of the Golden Fleece and its knights. (Un agent spécial Dawn a été repéré en mission secrète à Châteauneuf, l'un des plus beaux villages de France, dans le bourg médiéval qui entoure le château ! Certains disent qu'il a enquêté sur une caste religieuse traitant avec les vieux rois de Bourgogne, certains disent qu'il se reposait d'une mission précédente... qui sait vraiment pourquoi il se cachait sous les pierres mais cela a certainement quelque chose à voir avec l'Ordre de la Toison d'Or et de ses chevaliers.)

Agent Dawn: 150 - Weald view

Church Rd, Sandway, England, GB location_on N 51 12.833, E 000 41.332

During some time off Agents have been known to frequent this area to take in the lovely views across the valley. The special case can be found at a seasonal friend at the given location. The picture should be a good hint. Picture from Google images

Agent Dawn: 152 - Bangor Marina

Bangor, Northern Ireland, GB location_on N 54 39.835, W 005 40.163

A lovely place at any time of the day but pretty spectacular at sunrise and sunset, Quite a popular location so agents would need to blend in. Look behind the big red thing.

Agent Dawn: 161

National Rte 77, Salmon Run, Errol, Scotland, GB location_on N 56 24.434, W 003 11.532 local_parking N 56 24.434, W 003 11.532

This was in the second world war, RAF Errol where Russians were trained in secret to fly Albemarle bombers (modified into transpose aeroplanes that the Russians desperately required). There is now a crimson quartzite memorial stone in the local church grounds to commemorate these brave men. Now a days the airfield usually has some local businesses, a parachute operation & a Sunday car boot sale. You'll find the briefcase part of the agent coin here - register online & get directions for getting the agent coin (well worth the UK POSTAGE fee)

Agent Dawn: 176 - Agent Fit

Beatrice Crescent, Greater Sudbury, ON, CA location_on N 46 30.623, W 080 57.548

Agent Fit just loves to walk the trails around Sudbury! This is one of his favourite routes and places to play.

Agent Dawn: 203 - Resting To the East

US-40, Paxico, KS, US location_on N 39 03.561, W 096 07.215

Even the best trained Agents need to take a rest. As the dawn was rising he decided to take a siesta.

Agent Dawn: 268 - Colt-ons

Westport Dr, Cabot, AR, US location_on N 34 58.862, W 092 02.627

Hidden under lamp post in Coltons parking lot. Sorry it was rainy and bad weather here. Reach under lamppost. Tag is in plastic bag

Agent Dusk: 455 - Dead End

Innotec Dr, Bangor, Northern Ireland, GB location_on N 54 38.311, W 005 40.148

Nothing beats a quiet dead end in an industrial estate for a quick and easy meeting any time of the day. However due to its proximity to a nature reserve you still need to be stealthy. In and around metal

Agent Dusk: 457 - Bridge No.13 - Cracks beginning to show

Ivy Ln, Bierton, England, GB location_on N 51 49.224, W 000 45.990

The briefcase containing intel has been dropped off and is ready to be picked. The case has been hidden where the cracks begin to show, multiple paths converge at this bridge so make sure your cover isn't blown.

Agent Dusk: 504 - Stumped

US-40, Paxico, KS, US location_on N 39 03.606, W 096 07.312

Was stumped looking for a place to rendezvous during a local meet up.

Agent Dusk: 523 - Operation Desert Flower

Montebello Rd, University, Pueblo, CO, US location_on N 38 18.505, W 104 35.334

There are several safe entrance/parking locations for this area. Do Not park on the highway. You are in for a short walk. It looks like 2020 still had a trick up its sleeve. Our assets came under heavy attack moments after departing the Pueblo Airport. With heavy hearts the decision was made to jettison the cargo and lead the attackers as far away as possible. So far it seems to be working, but for how long? The cargo Must be retrieved by one of our own before the attackers realize the ploy, or the general public stumbles upon it. As our boots on the ground, how you get there is up to you. It is advised you proceed as quickly as possible, others may be searching as well. It is believed the cargo survived the drop intact. Satellite imagery shows the cargo appears to have used a tree to cushion its landing. The tree however, is believed to have perished. The deceased tree along with blown in tumbleweeds seem to be acting in our favor, concealing the cargo. Upon retrieval the cargo contains a field kit to assist you. Pay attention to the included documents.

Agent Dusk: 566 - Big green can

Co Rd 225, Cabot, AR, US location_on N 34 58.876, W 092 04.235

Tag is on top of green bin waiting for someone to find it.

Agent Dusk: 913 - At MrVon´s place

Fv410, Borås, Agder, NO location_on N 58 34.075, E 008 57.222

Find this tag in my driveway! Welcome!

Agent Dawn: 1038 - PLAYBALL

103a Ave, Fort St John, BC, CA location_on N 56 14.999, W 120 49.397

the tag is hidden in a busy baseball and soccer feild. now that winter is here its not as busy but cold as anything. there is a tool to help retrieve the pin.

Agent Dawn: 1039 - Beaton Around the Bush

Willow Trail, Charlie Lake, BC, CA location_on N 56 20.002, W 120 57.047

a beautiful, maintained trail system for hiking in the summer. or if your motivated enough, snowing and cross-country skiing. the pin will be available in the snow. so have a seat, lace up your boots for a wonderful walk.

Agent Dawn: 1068 - Deep Cover Intel

Maple Valley Ct, Madison, WI, US location_on N 43 01.981, W 089 29.990

Agent 1068 has been undercover on the west side for the last 10 months. We believe he has information critical to the investigation, but he's in deep and has been unable to check in. We recently arranged for him to be taken in by the cops for questioning, which gave him the opportunity to stash a briefcase full of intel nearby once he was released. We need you to find and retrieve it. But be careful; this park is crawling with winter sports muggles. You'll want to avoid parking at the police station. (Image is unrelated because our agent didn't have time to take one. Look for a typical geocaching beacon.)

Agent Dawn: 1080

Easton St, Brant Point, Nantucket, MA, US location_on N 41 17.408, W 070 05.485

I had successfully spent the summer hiding out on Nantucket island. Well summer has ended, and most of the tourists have departed for the season. I fear that I must move on. I boarded the fast ferry hoping to make a quick escape. I look behind me and alas I have been spotted and fear for my safety. Hoping to safeguard my secrets, I threw my briefcase over the side as we were rounding Brant Point. I pray that it doesnt fall into enemy hands.

Agent Dawn: 1118 - Agent V Returns

N Hospital Cir, Jacksonville, AR, US location_on N 34 52.042, W 092 07.334

Agent V returned to drop off the next tag. Salute the flag and thank a veteran while here. Retrieve the tag and order your coin! Happy New Year!

Agent Dawn: 1204 - Historic Old Home

Guyan St, Huntington, WV, US location_on N 38 25.727, W 082 23.401

Meet me by the information sign