Agent Dawn: 1068 - Deep Cover Intel

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Maple Valley Ct, Madison, WI, US

location_on N 43 01.981, W 089 29.990

Agent 1068 has been undercover on the west side for the last 10 months. We believe he has information critical to the investigation, but he's in deep and has been unable to check in. We recently arranged for him to be taken in by the cops for questioning, which gave him the opportunity to stash a briefcase full of intel nearby once he was released. We need you to find and retrieve it. But be careful; this park is crawling with winter sports muggles. You'll want to avoid parking at the police station. (Image is unrelated because our agent didn't have time to take one. Look for a typical geocaching beacon.)


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description 5 days 7 hours ago

My dad and I gave this a shot today. We dodged a few sledding muggles and made it to the location, but there was just too much snow cover at the beacon. We tried everything and everywhere, but we weren’t sure if we were looking in the right place or if we checked it thoroughly enough. We will have to wait...


publish 2 weeks 3 days ago