Agent Dawn: 1109 - Keystone boat launch

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PA-210, Atwood, PA, US

Our Secret Agent is trying to solve two mysteries. The first is why the lake is so low. No real mystery there. We had a draught this summer. The second is the mystery of the cross in the tree. I wonder who put it there and why?
Park and walk toward the lake and toward the two big rectangular stones. You'll see a tree with a cross hanging high in the branches. Go the the base of the tree, lakeside, to find the agent case there hidden in the bark.


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check_circle 5 days 13 hours ago

After watching for one of these to publish within a close enough distance from home for us to try for it, we had all but given up. We just happened to double check the website last night and realized that this one was a little over an hour away and that it had been here for a while so off we went on a cold Sunday morning!


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