Agent Dawn: 1172 - Secret Agent R.Buzzi

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US-1, Westerly, Westerly, RI, US

Westerly, Rhode Island has their own local spy. Little did anyone know that funny lady and Westerly native, Cemetery Monument owner and regular on Laugh-in had another job as a secret agent 🕵️‍♀️.

Very true. It’s been said that both her and Chuck Barris ran together on CIA operative spy missions in Guatemala and the French Riviera.

Little does anyone know that throughout the town, there are tunnels that Ruth used throughout her career as an agent to get information back and forth from her home to a secret CIA base down the road, with a front of Buzzi Memorials. They would even flaunt the location on Laugh-in as a way to throw off other agents from finding their true location.

Well Ruth has left a special article behind for some lucky absent to find. You better act fast, as other evil agents are trying to find this to use for world domination. Your mission is to stop them from getting it and keep the world safe and free.

The hint is in the last 2 pictures


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check_circle 1 week 6 days ago

Took a ride today with the dogs to try and locate the secret hiding spot. It took hours to get the correct location as the dogs dragged us all over the park. When they had enough play time they finally took us to where we wanted to be. So in the end we retrieved the briefcase. Thanks for bringing us to this nice park the dogs really enjoyed it.


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