Agent Dawn: 1231 - Agent Dawn Needs Rescuing from Cross Timbers Military Base

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Hickory Creek Rd, Denton, TX, US

location_on N 33 08.864, W 097 07.352

To all of our operations teams in North Texas -- we are looking to secure Agent Dawn from behind the walls of the Cross Timbers Military Base. To embark on this mission will require crossing a wide open minefield with guards positioned nearby, carefully cross a bridge over an area where they have deployed poisonous snakes, and finally locate the holding cell where sentries pass by rather frequently.

Our intelligence reports have revealed that all personnel on the base seem to focus on 3 key numbers that are believed to be some sort of access code to get into the agent's cell. 23, 09, and 19

Best of luck, and it's time to rescue Agent Dawn from another sticky situation!


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cancel 5 days 3 hours ago

I'm going to mark this tag as "missing" -- but I believe it was retrieved a few weeks ago. The container was secure today, and bike lock cable still intact. The tag is no longer in the container, so my assumption is that the retrieval mission was successful, and hasn't been logged on the site yet?

I have retrieved the hiding container though -- and the agent tag definitely is no longer here. Thanks for rescuing Agent Dawn!!

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description 1 month 3 days ago

Agent metal_rat -- Comm HQ is concerned you too may have met the same fate as Agent Dawn behind enemy lines. Our mission specialist and top advisors are worried that we may need to send in another rescue mission to bring out two agents. If this communication reaches you successfully, we are looking forward to, and anticipating, a mission update. Best of luck with your rescue, and a successful mission completion!


description 1 month 4 days ago

CRON Center this is Task Force Metal Rat. We have a recon team in the sector. Recovery mission has been dispatched to Trail Rat-1 ( ) for execution when and if able. Will advise as appropriate.


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