Agent Dawn: 295 - Chatauqua Park Oriental Gardens

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US-51, Crystal Springs, MS, US

After a long and exhausting week of Top Secret Investigations Agent Dawn needed a break to relax. The Chatauqua Park Oriental Garden seemed like just the right spot. After a delightful trip through the Christmas light display in the park Agent Dawn sat down in the pavilion on the hill behind the Crystal Springs Visitor Center to relax and meditate. But alas it was not to be. After overhearing a conversation about a covert plan to steal the briefcase containing all of her files Agent Dawn deemed it best to hide her briefcase in the pavilion until another agent could retrieve it for her. The best place she could find with so little time to spare was under the foot board rests in the pavilion. The hiding spot is marked with a tiny purple arrow pointing the way to the briefcase. Great stealth is required for retrieval as this park is a popular exercise area.

When you turn into the Park make an immediate left to enter the Visitor Center Parking area. Look for the wooden open air pavilion on the hill behind the Visitor Center. If you have time take a hike on the Treetop Trail or enjoy a game of Disc Golf.


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Lovely park and gardens. Enjoyed the hike in the woods. My first tag!


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