Agent Dusk: 595 - Alligator Lake Recreation Area

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Alligator Lake Loop, Fort Polk North, LA, US

After several hard weeks of training here at Ft.Polk Agent Dusk needed some R&R. Unbeknownst to him while hiking in the woods Agent Dusk snagged his briefcase containing some much needed intelligence files. Is their another Agent nearby who could retrieve the lost case? The coordinates are to a cache in the recreation area. I could not get an accurate ready when I was there. There is no need to enter the gate. You just follow the fence on the left to the end. Magnetic key holder down low.


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check_circle 1 week 6 days ago

After seeing this briefcase stranded for four days, we decided to drive from Houston to recover it. It’s in safe hands now, and we have big smiles on our faces.


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