Agent Dusk: 819 - Agent Claus

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Black River Wildlife Management Area Trail, Chester Township, NJ, US

From Thursday night, December 24th, into the early hours the next morning, agent Claus was on a worldwide mission to visit as many destinations as possible under the cover of darkness. After a few days of rest following his mission, he realized that he left his briefcase behind with all the intelligence he had gathered during his mission.

It's thought that possibly he possibly had mistaken his briefcase for a stocking stuffer placed it inside a stocking. If you happen to find the stocking, take a look and you will possibly find the briefcase that agent Claus left behind.


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Harry Dolphin

check_circle 1 week 6 days ago

The tree is nicely decorated, Agent Claus. Cold and wet hike in. Half-mile hike in? No wonder he was still here.


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